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阿里设硅谷数据中心 拓展云服务

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本文摘要:SAN FRANCISCO — China’s largest Internet company, Alibaba, is adding to its modest presence in Silicon Valley, but not in the way many have expected.旧金山——中国仅次于的互联网公司阿里巴巴打算减少它在硅谷受限的不存在感觉,但其方式并不像许多人预期的那样。


SAN FRANCISCO — China’s largest Internet company, Alibaba, is adding to its modest presence in Silicon Valley, but not in the way many have expected.旧金山——中国仅次于的互联网公司阿里巴巴打算减少它在硅谷受限的不存在感觉,但其方式并不像许多人预期的那样。In an announcement on Wednesday, the Chinese e-commerce giant said it planned to open its first data center outside of China in Silicon Valley. Instead of supporting the company’s hugely popular e-commerce sites, the center will help Alibaba spread a less well-known but growing side of its business: cloud services for businesses.这家中国电商巨头周三发表声明称之为,它计划在硅谷开办它在中国以外的首家数据中心。这座中心不是为了给阿里巴巴近于热门的电商网站获取反对,而是将协助它拓展不那么出名但却在仍然快速增长的业务领域:企业云服务。

Similar to the services offered by Amazon that lease computing power to businesses, Alibaba has been slowly wooing clients in China to use its services. Many vendors who sell on Alibaba’s e-commerce sites use the services, but it has been slowly adding larger clients.与亚马逊向企业租赁计算能力的服务相近,阿里巴巴仍然在渐渐游说中国客户,期望他们能用于自己的服务。阿里巴巴电商网站上的许多卖家不会用于这些服务,但大客户的快速增长更为较慢。


The company said the new data center would first cater to Chinese businesses operating in China, but in the second half of the year do more to aim at foreign clients. The company did not specify when the center would open, how much it was investing in the center, or how large it would be.阿里巴巴回应,这座新的数据中心将首先符合在中国运营的中国企业的市场需求,但他们下半年将采行更加多措施来更有外国客户。声明中未解释这个中心的对外开放时间、投资金额和规模大小。Using the name Aliyun to refer to the company’s cloud operations, Ethan Sicheng Yu, a vice president, said: “Aliyun hopes to meet the needs of Chinese enterprises in the United States, and the ultimate objective of Aliyun is to bring cost-efficient and cutting-edge cloud computing services to benefit more clients outside China to boost their business development.”谈及公司的这种取名为“阿里云”的服务时,阿里巴巴副总裁喻思成回应,“阿里云期望需要符合在美中国企业的市场需求,阿里云的最终目标是带给合算而先进设备的云计算服务,使更加多海外客户获益,推展他们的业务发展。

”Though Alibaba has a significant share of the market selling computing services to businesses in China, it’s an open question whether the company can win over more foreign clients. A Chinese company first, it will have to put into place English-speaking staff members to support and sell to the businesses, while also making its software easy to use in other languages.虽然阿里巴巴在中国的计算出来服务市场占有最重要份额,但该公司能否更有更加多外国客户还很难说。它首先是一家中国公司,必须决定不会谈英语的员工来反对工作并劝说其他企业用于其产品,同时还要使其软件在其他语言中可以简单操作者。

Still, with a labor force primarily in China, the company may be able to compete on cost. It will also no doubt get a boost from the growing number of Chinese companies that are seeking to invest and advertise in the United States.不过,由于劳动力主要在中国,阿里巴巴也许可以在成本上具备竞争力。此外,更加多的中国企业于是以谋求在美国投资和打广告,阿里巴巴毫无疑问不会借此获益。



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